creeper... oh man..

digs straight down


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aw man

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so we back in the mine

swam through the river at night, enjoy the nice water noises ♥

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hope everyone knows i have not a fucking clue what im doing thank u thats all

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ah yes... a fellow minecraft professional...

ah.. a fellow miner of the craft i see..

trans rights are human rights

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Creeper💥, oh, man👨 So we back 🔙 in the mine Got our pickaxe ⛏ swingin’ from side to side⬅️, side➡️, side to side ⬅️➡️ This task a grueling 😩 one, hope🤞 to find 👀 some diamonds 💎 tonight 🌑🌌Night🌑🌌, night🌑🌌, diamonds 💎tonight Heads up⬆️, you hear 👂 a sound 🎼, turn around and look up 👀⬆️ Total shock😦 fills your body Oh, no, it’s you again I can ne